Treatment and prevention
of microbial complaints

Patented ingredient

Double Mode of Action

Effective for microbial imbalance

Natural Complex of Polysaccharides

About 2QR-complex®

The patented 2QR-complex® (phonetic for To Cure) is an innovative ingredient for treatment and prevention of microbial complaints affecting the skin and mucosa. 2QR-complex® is a highly concentrated and purified ingredient used in different types of products such as medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements. The double Mode of Action in this natural complex of polysaccharides is effective in treating and preventing discomforts that occur as a result of microbial imbalance.

Double Mode of Action of our 2QR-complex®

Effect 1

Phase 1

2QR-complex® consists of long-chained negatively-charged polysaccharides. 2QR-complex® binds to adhesins on bacteria.

Phase 2

This prevents harmful bacteria from binding to receptors. When harmful bacteria cannot adhere to host cells, the initial step of infection is blocked.

Phase 3

The neutralized bacteria are removed from the epithelial surface by natural mucosal clearance mechanisms.

Double Mode of Action of our 2QR-complex®

Effect 2

Without 2QR-complex®

Harmful bacteria that do not cluster, will remain harmful for a longer period of time.

With 2QR-complex®

Harmful bacteria cluster. Large clusters are more easily removed by the body’s natural cleansing system.

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