SaveWave – Sealife Saving Technology

from The Netherlands

The beginning

Since the start of this millennium, SaveWave has developed some great products, and we are proud to have won different awards. From Dolphin Savers and Orca Savers to Seabird Savers, our products have consistently received groundbreaking industry acclaim.
The adventure began with the strong will of Floris Koumans, owner of the Orange Pearl Innovation Group, when he wanted to assist fishermen in Greece who were in conflict with dolphins. Dolphins were destroying their nets and ate their fish. This resulted in the Dolphin Saver.
SaveWave’s challenge captured in one award winning photo. Source: Audun Rikardsen – Siena International Photo Awards
SaveWave collaborates with experts worldwide to develop innovative solutions aimed at protecting marine animals and supporting fishermen in their daily challenges with marine life. SaveWave specialises in the development of ecologically sustainable solutions. The company develops unique solutions by using ultrasonic sound signals, which create safe zones around problem areas. Our innovations are used to protect human fishing activities from marine mammals without harming the animals.
One of our greatest challenges is working with these unbelievable intelligent marine mammals such as Orcas, Dolphins, Whales. Our unique technology and know-how have enabled us to serve customers worldwide, from Alaska to Norway, Asia to South America.

Our future

Due to our research on marine life for over two decades and the increasing interaction between humans and these remarkable animals, new markets continually emerge. At this moment we have started research on salmon farms, which are conflicting with Seals and Seabirds which are conflicting with different kinds of fishery. As always we are looking for sustainable solutions beneficial for both worlds. Our mission remains unchanged since day one: to eliminate negative interactions between marine life and human activity. Our goal is to continue with this mission and to create, innovate and develop for many years to come.  
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