Sustainable innovations for a

positive impact on the world

Unique innovations since 1989

Health Nutrition

Natural product concepts developed by nutrition experts, designed for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Natural Self-Care

Premium self-care products, proven effective, backed by science and dedicated to increase the quality of life.

Patented Technologies

Innovative sustainable technologies and ingredients in a broad market segment within human healthcare.

From problem to (Orange) Pearl

Oysters have a unique defence mechanism. When confronted with something harmful, an oyster forms a protective barrier around the threat. Layer upon layer, the oyster froms a very effective natural defence, disarming the threat and resulting in a beautiful pearl.

Our organisation aims to do the same. When we detect potential threats, we create solutions around it, turning it into something valuable.

Why become
an Orange Pearl
business partner?

We thrive on innovation, strong partnerships and making a positive impact on the world we live in. Since 1989, we have been developing and producing sustainable product concepts, which are successfully being sold worldwide in more than 70 countries.

Staying ahead of the competition

Innovation is essential to stay ahead of the competition in an ever changing market and it’s what we do best.

Choosing 'upstream', above mainstream

We encourage our people and our partners to be bold, creative and go beyond the mainstream.

Full service and inhouse expertise

We offer product development, quality control, marketing support, production, supply chain and logistics.

Our values

Grow & Flourish​

Fair Partnership in Friendship

Dare to be different​

Best of both worlds​

100% belief in our products​

Our values

Patented self-care innovations

Each innovation we create, contributes to our purpose of making a positive impact on the world. We are specialized in: Health Nutrition, Natural Self-Care and Patented Technologies. Here are some of our most revolutionary innovations:

Patented ingredient


A natural alternative for antibiotics. Developed for treatment and prevention of microbial complaints that affect the skin and microbes. 

Patented technology

Dutch Cannabis Processing

Dutch Cannabis Processing is the only producer in the world to work with fresh hemp flowers grown ecologically and being processed within 24 hours.

Patented technology


Clinically proven, thoughtfully engineered lightweight tube filled with granules, enhancing the way our muscles absorb the impact of energy.

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