Develop your innovative
healthcare products

We co-create your unique dream products & brand, providing a full-service solution.

We co-create your brand differently.

Unique product innovations.

Low start-up costs.

Fast time-to-market.

"Co-create your brand that defines your legacy. With unique product innovations, you'll achieve long-term relevance."

Product brand in 3 clear steps

01 - Ideation

Develop a unique Product Concept together. We cover topics such as market research, unique selling points and claims, formulation, and price points.

02 - Conceptualization

From a solid concept to a final product. We cover areas such as product safety & legislation, determining packaging, sample tests, and a small production run on the final product.

03 - Commercialization

Perfecting it. We create the final documentation such as lab analysis, risk assessment, final product file, artwork, labeling, and set up the fulfillment of your products.

We offer you a turnkey solution

Product Research

Product Development

Legal & Safety

Fulfillment & Distribution

E-commerce set-up

Full support

"Our business in health care is self care"

Skin Care

Oral Care

Self Care


Health Food
& supplements

Make a difference with your innovation

We create
best of both worlds

We aim to do better, create sustainable product innovations, and make a positive impact on the world.

We dare
to be different

We dare to create unique product concepts that fit our partner and disrupt the current market. We make trends ahead of time.

We believe
a 100% in our products

We have unique patents and develop & manufacture our products. Quality is our focus, and we have a 100% belief in our products.

Orange Pearl Innovation Group
Brassersplein 14
2612 CT Delft
The Netherlands
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