Our values

Grow & Flourish

The core of our identity is based on the positive energy derived from Grow & Flourish. We feel a great sense of purpose and are strongly connected to what we do. We work with the natural rhythm of Grow and Flourish, where periods of growth alternate with periods of flourishing and vice versa. This not only benefits our company, but also our partners and employees.

Fair partnership in friendship

Started as a Dutch family business, we believe that building strong relationships with everyone we work with is of vital importance. We live, work, think and act on the basis of our sustainable Fair Partnership in Friendship proposition. This is the base of all our business successes and prosperous long-term partnerships.

Dare to be different

We are not different for the sake of being different. Daring to be different is about daring to break free from the norm, in order to make a difference. Average won’t change the world. We aim to do better, work smarter and build from our strengths in order for us to make a postive impact in the world.

Best of both worlds

Our innovations can only make a positive impact on the world if they are sustainable. Products are only truly sustainable if they are economically attractive in use and at the same time offer a clear ecological advantage. 

100% belief in our products

Quality is very important to us. We only bring innovations to the market when we are fully convinced it is the best of its kind. This not only includes legal approval, but also our own bar of approval. We believe in our products and support them 100%. We use them ourselves and always would recommend them to the people we care about.

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