Boost your mental performance

Launched in 2017

Phyto-Synergy formulas

Mental performance​

The gut-brain axis

BrainBooster® has been developed with the gut-brain axis as a starting point. The gut-brain axis is the communication system between your intestines and your brain. They connect on a physical and biochemical way. The BrainBooster® products are intended to support your mental well-being. This has a positive impact on your intestines, as your gut and brain are strongly interconnected.

Mental performance and well-being

The BrainBooster® self-care products enhance mental well-being, relaxation and focus. The formulas are based on active plant ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals that powerfully enhance each other’s positive proporties.




Contributes to a normal mental performance.



Contributes to a normal functioning of the nervous system.



Contributes to normal psychological function.

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