Specfically developed for
people with diabetes

Based on

Patented ingredient

Launched in 2011

Self-care products for diabetics

Soothes and protect the skin

Diabetes care

DiaClin products are developed for the most common complaints that people with diabetes experience. The products are designed to support optimal skin health, improve comfort, and promote overall well-being for people living with diabetes.


The main active ingredient in our DiaClin products is our patented 2QR-complex®, which neutralizes harmful bacteria. The unique mechanism involves selectively disabling harmful bacteria, without affecting the beneficial bacteria in our body.


Body Lotion ​ – Supports the skin’s natural barrier function and optimizing the skin flora

Foot Foam – Prevents foot problems, such as dry skin, poor skin condition and itching

Shower Foam – Supports the skin’s barrier function and a soft skin

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