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Do you know those kinds of companies? The kind that seems to radiate something magical. Everything seems to fit and it has a huge appeal. The people are enthusiastic and the company makes an impact. This company is clearly flourishing! Did you know that businesses that thrive are much more profitable and successful? They are buzzing with positive energy. Your company can do that too! Groei & Bloei in Bedrijf offers you an approach that enables you to achieve visible, tangible, and measurable results. My name is Floris Koumans and I have developed the Groei & Bloei concept within my company. With Groei & Bloei in Bedrijf, without a profit motive, I focus on helping SMEs to get to flourish these days. Are you flourishing?”

The Grow and Flourish Concept

Grow and Flourish is our philosophy; it describes our approach to business and our company culture but it is so much more than that. It’s our guiding principle, a personal ambition that we all share in and runs through everything we do.
As an innovation group, we are no strangers to growth. We work to see our ideas and innovations grow and multiply. The biggest human factor for business growth and success is positive energy. Although the achievements of growth give us moments of sheer energy, the process itself costs a lot of energy. We understand that this energy needs to be replenished in order to maintain sustainable growth and success.

Walk our talk

Our founder and group director Floris Koumans, is a dynamic Dutch entrepreneur. Floris has always wanted to use his skills to make a difference in people’s lives. Knowing that actions speak louder than words, he set out to build a profitable company that makes a significant contribution to a better world.
Cultivate positive energy in companies; that’s our mission. With our experience and passion we help companies not only to grow, but also to flourish.

Share the principles

Floris Koumans started various initiatives to share his principles with the world. After building various successful companies within the Orange Pearl Innovation Group and beyond, he decided to share his principles. By doing so, he helps companies become healthier, more fun, more attractive and more successful!
It is Floris his mission to make the Grow and Flourish concept the new standard for companies and in doing so contribute to a better world. Floris frequently speaks to both small and large groups of entrepreneurs to share his principles. Additionally, the Grow and Flourish Foundation organises inspiring events about the Grow and Flourish concept, which people can sign up for.

How do you Grow and Flourish?

We believe the principles of Grow and Flourish can benefit any company. And by applying these principles, companies become more successful by giving back to society. That is why we have founded the Grow and Flourish Foundation to spread the Grow and Flourish principles and to help companies to benefit from these principles.
We know that sustainable growth is possible when you create the right conditions to grow and flourish. We promise that every company can discover and benefit from this additional dimension! Do you want to know more about the Grow and Flourish principles and how they can help your company thrive?

Businesses in Flourish

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