UPstream Recycling Project

The plastic problem is a much-discussed and well-known phenomenon worldwide. In many countries, the lack of recycling leads to the large-scale incineration of plastic waste. This plastic waste has great potential value if handled correctly. The current recycling techniques for plastic are often too expensive and energy-intensive for poorer areas in developing countries However, these areas can benefit enormously from the potential economic value of this plastic material. If this plastic is not processed, it ends up in large landfills, it is incinerated, or it ends up in the ocean via rivers.
This ecological problem requires an economically responsible solution. That is why we encourage entrepreneurs to turn this plastic waste into their business. We do this by developing low-tech tools that can be produced and used on a local scale. In this way we tackle an ecological problem with a solution that offers opportunities for the local entrepreneur. We call this UPstream Recycling because it tackles the problem of plastic waste upstream at the source and enables entrepreneurs to rise economically.
The UPstream Recycling Project is our very own purpose project, self-managed by the independent Grow and Flourish Foundation. We believe that the principles of Grow and Flourish can benefit any company. And by applying these principles, companies become more successful by giving back to society. We know that sustainable growth is possible when you create the right conditions to grow and flourish. We promise that every company can discover this added dimension.
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