XCO-Trainer on Dutch TV (SBS6)

Jan Hermans and Floris Koumans made an appearance on Dutch television, SBS6 in the program ‘Wat een Uitvinding’ (‘What an Invention’). In Season 1, Episode 6 (around minute 36:30), they discussed the creation of the XCO-Trainer.
TubeTrainer, the company that produces XCO-Trainer fitness tubes, is featured as a success story where a Dutch inventor transformed his idea into a remarkable success.

Jan Hermans developed a training tool initially for baseball players who were experiencing shoulder and elbow injuries. Together with Floris Koumans, who has years of experience in product development and innovation through the Orange Pearl Innovation Group, they further developed the product, now sold worldwide.

You can watch the episode via this link: https://www.kijk.nl/programmas/wat-een-uitvinding/J8rKkgcMIFf
For more information about the XCO-Trainer, please continue to explore our website: https://xco-trainer.com/the-product/
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