the only CBD from fresh hemp flowers

Based on

Patented process

Launched in 2022

Patented Bio-Botanical Process

Full-spectrum CBD-oil ​


The unique patented DCP process is a Dutch innovation. The components of the hemp flowers are extracted and processed into a high-quality CBD oil in which all components are in synergy with each other.

Bio-Botanical production process

Our entire process from seed to sale is done in the Netherlands. The plants are cultivated on an ecological farm. When the plants are ready, the flower tops are harvested manually to protect the components (cannabinoids and terpenes) as much as possible. Within 24-hours, the flower tops are processed into CBD oil.




Full-spectrum FreshFlower-CBD® oil with Vitamin D and basil oil.



Full-spectrum FreshFlower-CBD® oil with Vitamin B6 and peppermint oil.



Full-spectrum FreshFlower-CBD® oil with Vitamin B6 and lavender oil.

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