Fitness device designed to gain more muscle activity

Patented technology

Launched in 2003

Patented technology

Home fitness, group fitness and personal training

Fitness clubs, health clinics and at home

XCO®-Trainer is the result of a collaboration with Jan Hermans, a manual and physical therapist.
It’s registered in international patents and scientifically supported by research institutions across the world. The XCO®-Trainer is used at hundreds of fitness & health clubs and physical therapy clinics. It is suitable for home fitness and even top athletes use the XCO-Trainer.

Reactive Impact on muscles

The XCO®-Trainer is a lightweight tube filled with granules, carefully engineered and clinically proven, to create Reactive Impact. This impact, occuring at the beginning and end of each physical movement, forces the muscles and connective tissues to work harder so they can fully absorb the energy of the impact. Unlike the energy that is released by training with dead weights.

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